Martin Middle School - North Field

Site Remediation File for Martin Middle School - North Field (SR-10-2181)
111 Brown Street, East Providence
Document Name Date
Notification of Release 03/12/2024
Letter of Responsibility (LOR) 03/18/2024
Pre-Site Investigation Public Notice 03/19/2024
Public Meeting Notification Letters 03/22/2024
Public Meeting Notification - Newspaper Ad 03/28/2024
Public Meeting Presentation Slides 04/16/2024
Consolidation Work Plan 05/01/2024
Site Investigation Report (SIR) / Remedial Action Work Plan (RAWP) 05/07/2024
Short-Term Remedial Action (STRA) Proposal Comment Letter 05/14/2024
STRA Proposal - Addendum (Response to Comments) 05/14/2024
SIR Comment Letter 05/16/2024
STRA Approval Letter 05/16/2024
SIR Comment Response 05/17/2024
Program Letter 05/20/2024
Post-Site Investigation Public Notice 05/21/2024