Hazardous Waste and Used Oil Topics

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Hazardous Waste Generator Issues

Biennial Reporting: The Department is now accepting 2021 Biennial Report data in RCRA Info. This application replaces both the Florida BRS software and the paper forms that have been used in the past. The report is due on March 1, 2022.

Please note, if you are a new user and have not previously entered Biennial Reports on the RCRA Info database, then you must first register at cdx.epa.gov/. Once registered with CDX, the user must then register as an industry user at (rcrainfo.epa.gov/rcrainfoprod/action/secured/login) In this system Generators can request a new EPA Identification Number (MyRCRAid), update an existing EPA Identification Number, update or change contact info, submit Biennial Reports (LQGs only) and utilize the new electronic manifest (E-Manifest) tracking system. Instructions on how to register are provided in the file below entitled “MyRCRAid”.

Questions regarding any change to specific user permissions in RCRA Info or EPA ID’s should be directed towards Jacklyn Olivieri. If you have any other questions regarding Biennial Reporting, please contact Nathan Arruda for more information.

Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention: Manuals from DEM's Office of Customer and Technical Assistance are available regarding hazardous waste compliance (as well as other issues) for the following topics:

For more information about hazardous waste transportation, please call Alyson Silva at 401-222-2797, ext. 2777134.

Hazardous Waste Treatment and Storage Facilities Issues

For information regarding hazardous waste storage or treatment facilities, Contact Yan Li at (401) 537-4347.

Hazardous Waste Manifest Issues

On September 5, 2005, EPA Regulations mandated the exclusive use of one uniform national hazardous waste manifest. For more information about hazardous waste manifests, please call Alyson Brunelli at (401) 537-4310. Click for more details.