Permit Application Center

What is the Permit Application Center (PAC)?

The PAC is DEM's gateway into the Department for applications and people. It is the Department's latest effort to provide customers with consistent, high quality customer service. DEM's customers deserve consistency, convenience, and communication with DEM during their application process. The PAC enhances the process by providing a single location for permit application submission. The application is reviewed at submission to check for missing documents or incorrect fees. This initial review allows technical staff to focus on the technical review, and will provide improved communication with our customers at the starting point of the process. The PAC also serves as DEM's primary reception area for our visitors.

How does the PAC work?

When an application is received the PAC will conduct a quick review to ensure that the application submitted meets the minimum qualifications to move to the appropriate program for technical review. Within one business day the PAC will start the initial customer communication by confirming receipt of the application and if necessary, advise them of missing items. The PAC will follow-up on applications that did not meet the initial review and will work with the customer to correct the application. The PAC is designed to allow DEM to meet the changing needs of staff and customers.

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