Office of Land Revitalization and Sustainable Materials Management Site Inventories

DEM's Office of Waste Management maintains an inventory of sites and files in its various programs (Underground Storage Tanks, Waste Facilities Management, Federal Facilities, and Site Remediation). These lists are current as of the date indicated. Please note that these lists may frequently change as sites or files are added to or removed from these programs. The presence of a site on one of these lists should not be interpreted as an indication of an ongoing problem at that site. Similarly, the absence of a site from these lists should not be interpreted as an indication that the site is free of regulatory issues under these programs.


Site Remediation and Brownfields Program

List of CERCLIS and State Sites in RI

This list includes sites that have been investigated under the Federal CERCLIS program (“SFA” sites) as well as sites that have notified under the state program or have been investigated for hazardous substances (“HWM” sites). This list includes Brownfield sites.

Waste Management Sites with Environmental Land Use Restrictions

This list was developed by RIDEM for use as a general reference and are not meant to be a legally authoritative source for the location of hazardous materials, nor for the status, condition or permissible use of a site.

Remediated Sites – Potential Solar

This is a list of sites that have been remediated under the Department’s Remediation Regulations. The inventory does not mean that all of the properties on the list are suitable for solar use, however these are the properties where the remediation issues have been satisfied.

Solid and Hazardous Waste

Active Waste Facility Management Sites in RI

Sites permitted to receive, process, treat, temporarily store or dispose of regulated waste (solid, medical or hazardous). Active/Inactive Waste Facility Management Site.

Active/Inactive Waste Facility Management Sites in RI

Site plus formerly permitted sites (other than closed landfills).

Landfill Closure Program Sites in RI

This inventory contains both formerly permitted landfills that are closed as well as dumps that were never licensed by the Department. This list does not include Superfund Sites and current or former Federal Facilities. This list includes latitude/longitude data that has not been field verified.

Hazardous Waste Manifest Data

This list contains data of waste shipments from 1989 or later. There are significant omissions in these data (years 1993-1996). Prior to 2003, data was entered by the Department, after 2003, data is derived from transporter reporting.

Inventory of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) & Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUSTs)

(USTs) and Leaking USTs (LUSTs)

The UST Master List is a summary of registered UST Facilities in Rhode Island, which includes information on abandoned, in use, permanently closed and temporarily closed USTs.

The LUST Case List

The LUST List is a summary of UST Facilities in Rhode Island with leaking USTs, which includes information on the date of release discovery (PROJCT_DTE), the status of the LUST Case (A–active, SRO -soil removal only, and I-inactive) and if available, the date the “No Further Action” letter was issued (NFA Letter Sent On).