RI Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (RIPDES)

This is the backbone of the state's water pollution control strategy, which includes developing and enforcing permit limitations for municipal and industrial wastewaters, storm water, and combined sewer overflows discharged directly to the waters of the state, as well as industrial wastewaters discharged to municipally-owned treatment facilities. The program currently oversees permit compliance for 23 major discharges, approximately 70 minor discharges, and approximately 250 storm water discharges. The Pretreatment Program provides ongoing oversight of fifteen approved local pretreatment programs.

In accordance with the EPA Federal and RI Pretreatment Regulations, the 15 RIDEM-approved Industrial Pretreatment Programs (see contact list here) regulate almost 200 Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) and thousands of Non-Significant Industrial Users. Over half of the state’s SIUs are subject to EPA Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards.

For more information on DEM's Industrial Pretreatment Program, please contact Heidi Travers at 401-537-4186, or at heidi.travers@dem.ri.gov.


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