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Environmental Data


Environmental Data

Data QualityStandard Operating ProceduresQuality Assurance Project Plans



Annual Reports


Work Plans &
Progress Reports

2004 Progress Report
2003 Progress Report
2002 Progress Report
2001 Progress Report
2000 Progress Report

Performance Partnership Agreement

PPA Tracking Tool Report (2006)
State FY 2017-2019 Agreement with EPA
State FY 2006-2007 Agreement with EPA
2004-2005 Agreement with EPA
2002-2003 Supplement
2002-2003 Agreement with EPA
2000-2001 Agreement with EPA

Water Quality

Water Quality Management Plan 2035
2014 RI Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan
Plan for Managing Nutrient Loadings to RI Waters (2/05)
Lists of Impaired Waters
Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Reports
2012 RI Lakes Report
Blackstone River Water Quality Final Report
Narragansett Bay Water Quality Status & Trends 2000, also 1998 report
Summary of RI Municipal Onsite Wastewater Programs


Plans:Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research ReserveNarragansett Bay Estuary Program CCMP and Reports


Partners in Resource Protection - Watershed Survey Report
Watershed Assessment and Restoration Priorities
South County Design Manual
Urban Env'l Design Manual
Farming and Forestry Strategies
Rapid Site Assessment Guide 
Model Land Use Ordinances (Acrobat)


Status and Trends Reports
Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)
Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Reports
2007 - Responses to Comments: Wetlands Rules/Regs
2007 - Vernal Pool Protection Queen's River Watershed
2007 - Responses to Comments: Queen's Vernal Pools
2006 - Wetland Monitoring & Assessment Plan
2006 - RI Wetland Profile (pp 85-95 in ELI report)
2003 - Wetland Restoration Plan Woonasquatucket
2002 - Outcome of Restorations ordered by DEM OCI
2001 - Rhode Island Vernal Pools
2001 - Development of Statewide Restoration Strategy
2001 - Responses to Comments: Restoration Strategy
2001 - Options for Mapping RI's Wetlands
2001 - Results of Survey of RI Wetland Map Users
2001 - Wetland Task Force Report
2001 - Wetland Task Force Report: Appendices


ISDS Permit Streamlining Task Force Final Report

Waste Site Remediation

Waste Site Remediation Permit Streamlining Task Force Final Report
Third-Party Professional Site Remediation Report
Background Levels of Priority Pollutant Metals in RI Soils

Water Quality Restoration Plans

Other Reports: Green Hill Bacteria Source Tracking StudyJoint Improvement Strategy for 10 Priority Beaches

Dam Safety

View reports and publications

Land Acquisition

Land Conservation in Rhode Island by Fiscal Year (scroll to bottom of webpage)

Air Quality

Community-Scale Air Toxics Monitoring Grant: Evaluation of the Impact of On-Road Mobile Source Air Toxics on Air Quality at Sensitive Receptors Adjacent to Interstate Route 95 in the Providence Metropolitan Area
Exceptional Event Demonstration: Fort McMurray Wildfire, May 25 & 26, 2016 - Draft
Exceptional Event Demonstration: Fort McMurray Wildfire, May 25 & 26, 2016 - Powerpoint Presentation
2011 Air Quality Data Summary
Strategies for Diesel Emissions Control

Final 2023 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Final 2022 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Final 2020 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Final 2019 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Final 2018 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Final 2017 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Final 2016 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Final 2015 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Final 2014 Air Network Monitoring Plan
Infrastructure Certification for the 2008 Ozone NAAQS
Infrastructure Certification for the 2010 One-Hour NAAQS for NO2
TF Green Airport Monitoring Study Final Report
Maximizing PM Reductions from Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles
Air Pollution Control Preconstruction Permits
Air Pollution Control Operating Permits

Greenhouse Gases

Visit DEM's greenhouse gas emissions inventory webpage.

Solid Waste

Annual Solid Waste Report

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Generation Fees Report

UST Review Board

2010 Annual Report Report
2011 Annual Report Report


Rhode Island Fertilizer and Lime Tonnage Report
CAPS 2008 Annual Report
New England Beef-to-Institution Marketing Study
RI Seafood Marketing Collaborative 2012 Report
RI Seafood Marketing Collaborative 2013 Report

Compliance & Inspection

Monthly Enforcement Summaries

2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2007 Accomplishment Summary
2006 Accomplishment Summary
2005 Accomplishment Summary
2004 Accomplishment Summary
2003 Accomplishment Summary
2002 Accomplishment Summary
2001 Accomplishment Summary
2000 Accomplishment Summary
1999 Accomplishment Summary

Administrative Adjudication

Decisions - Index and Links

Emergency Response

Emergency Response PlanAgricultural Response Plan

Asset Management Plans

RI Parks and Beach System Asset Management Plan
RI Forestry Asset Management Plan

Wildlife Reports


2011 Saltwater Recreational License Report
State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation PlanSurvey Results

Marine Fisheries

2010 Sector Allocation Pilot Program Final Report
Proceedings of the Menhaden Policy and Science Symposium - 2007
Estimating Menhaden Abundance in Narr. Bay
Marine Fisheries Section Program Assessment
Rhode Island Fisheries Stock Status - An Overview, August 2004
Strategic Plan for the Restoration of Anadromous Fishes to Rhode Island Coastal Streams
Yellowtail Flounder Survey

Natural Heritage Program

Rare Native Animals of RI
Rare Native Plants of RI
Natural Community Classification of RI




Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for School Pest Management

Air Quality 

Air Toxics Guidelines

Compliance and Inspection

Administrative Inspection Guidelines
Enforcement Response Options
Environmental Compliance Incentive Act (Audit) Policy
Supplemental Environmental Projects Policy

Compliance Guides

Compliance Certification Workbook for Autobody Repair Facilities

Division of Law Enforcement

Division of Law Enforcement Internal Complaint Investigations
Division of Law Enforcement Use of Force Policy

Environmental Equity


Hazardous Waste Management

Compliance Workbook for Rhode Island Generators
Universal Waste Rule Requirements Fact Sheet
EXPRESS Policy: Expedited Policy for Remediation of Environmental Simple Sites
Guidelines for the Management of Investigation Derived Wastes

Quality Management

Quality Management Plan

Septic Systems (OWTS / ISDS)

Septic System Inspection HandbookApproved Alternative OWTS TechnologiesGuidelines for the Design, Use, and Maintenance of Pressurized Drainfields - November 2013

Site Remediation

Site Investigation Report Checklist
Environmental Land Usage Restriction (Word format)

Solid Waste

Closure Policy for Inactive or Abandoned Solid Waste Landfills
Guidelines on Beneficial Use Determinations (BUDs) for Source Segregated Solid Waste

Stewardship and Public Service


Water Quality

Septic System Inspection Handbook
Snow Disposal Policy

Wastewater Facilities

Sewer Line/Water Supply Well Separation Policy for Design of Sanitary Sewers
Sewer/Water Line Separation Policy for Design of Sanitary Sewers
Flow Estimation Policy for Design of Sanitary Sewers


What's the Scoop on Wetlands
Avoidance & Minimization Guidance
Subwatershed Map Preparation
Floodplain Impacts
Dry Hydrant Guidance


Policy and Protocols for Incidents Involving Coyotes
Coyote Management and Response Guide
Resolutions for Resident Canada Geese
Resolutions for Nuisance Wild Turkey
2016 Rabies Protocol Manual
American Woodcock and Ruffed Grouse BMPs



Recent Amendments


Other Laws

See General Assembly's site and search by topic 



Business Roundtable

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Environmental Roundtable

2007: JuneFebruary
2006: SeptemberJulyFebruary
2005: SeptemberMayFebruary
2004: DecemberSeptemberMayFebruary
2003: DecemberSeptemberMayFebruary
2002: OctoberAugustMayFebruary
2001: OctoberJulyAprilJanuary
2000: OctoberAugustMay


Agricultural Digest 2003

Sustainable Watersheds


Fish and Wildlife

Wild Rhode Island Journal
Wild Rhode Island Explorer Magazine
Volunteer Newsletter

Underground Storage Tanks

Tank Talk (11/13)Tank Talk (2/14)Tank Talk (9/15)

Office of Land Revitalization and Sustainable Materials Management

Revitalization Rhode and Waste Matters Newsletters




The Forests of RIRI Forest Stewardship Case StudiesTrends in RI Forests: A Half-Century of ChangeCitizens Guide to the Farm, Forest and Open Space ActGuidance Document for Forest Stewardship Plan RequirementsForesters and the Care of Your LandCall Before You Cut


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Deer Tick Information
Wildlife Diseases
Chronic Wasting Disease

How to Sanitize Boots, Waders and other Equipment to Protect Wetland Wildlife
Relocating Wild Animals is Against the Law
Coyote Management and Response Guide
Animal-Proof Your Home
Reducing Deer Damage in Your Garden
5 Reasons Why Feeding Waterfowl is Harmful


Avian Influenza- A Threat to the Poultry IndustryBird Flu BrochureCommunity Supported Agriculture in RIPest AlertsEnjoy RI Cultured ShellfishRI's Farming Family Tree


Pet Store ComplaintsDeer Tick Information

Marine Fisheries

"Commonly Caught Fish and Shellfish" - a multi-language brochureEnjoy RI Cultured Shellfish


Preventing Boat Engine PollutionNo Discharge AreasBoating Safety Coloring Book

Water Quality

Simple Ways YOU Can Help Keep Rhode Island's Waters Clean5 Reasons Why Feeding Waterfowl is HarmfulMashapaug Pond Do's and Don'ts
Industrial Pretreatment Program Factsheet for Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries
Wastewater Disposal Guidance for Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries
Solid Waste Guidance for Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries
Rhode Island Outlets for Brewer Solid Waste

Drinking Water


Site Cleanup



RI Vernal Pools brochure
Common Questions from Real Estate Agents brochure

Septic Systems

Cesspool Act FAQs

Pollution Prevention

Green Certification for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Why Should You Care About Preventing Waste?
Environmental Compliance Incentive Act (Audit) Policy
Universal Waste Rule Requirements Fact Sheet
Mercury in Common Household Products
Industrial Pretreatment Program Factsheet for Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries
Wastewater Disposal Guidance for Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries

Needle Disposal

Home Guide for Disposal of Medical Waste (RI DOH)

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