SepticSmart Business Tools

Over 35% of homes and businesses in Rhode Island are served by on-site wastewater treatment (septic) systems. DEM now offers an Outreach Toolkit developed by the EPA to help septic professionals assist homeowners to understand the importance of properly maintaining their septic systems. Materials can be customized with your business logo and include Spanish versions.

"Spring" Postcard

Spring is a great time to service your septic system. Use this customizable postcard as a reminder to your community on the importance of regular preventative system maintenance.

epa septicsmart postcard

"Summer" Postcard

SepticSmart post cards in both English and Spanish that emphasize properly maintaining septic systems.

septic smart summer postcard

Holiday SepticSmart Reminder Postcard

Remind your customers, homeowners or community to properly manage their septic systems during the holidays! Here is a postcard to customize and use as a mailer.

epa septicsmart holiday postcards

Mail Inserts

A collection of SepticSmart mail inserts in both English and Spanish, and print-ready versions.


A collection of SepticSmart flyers discussing advanced treatment units and landscaping.

Homeowner Toolkit

A collection of comprehensive guides to septic systems for homeowners.

Homeowner's Brochure

A simple guide to help homeowners new to septic systems learn about the proper care and maintenance for their system.

septicsmart short rack brochure


Owners of Rental Property

Do you own a vacation rental property with a septic system? Are you concerned about the well-being of your septic system while your home is being rented? Use these outreach materials to help educate your rental guests that your home is on a septic system, and tips on what to put (or not put) down the sink and/or drain.

Public Restroom & Kitchen Posters

Do you know of any parks, campgrounds, highway rest stops, or similar facilities, that use a septic system for their public restrooms? What about a restaurant on a site that is served by a septic system? Use these informative posters to print and hang up outside of these facilities to illustrate the importance of safe waste disposal practices for those individuals or employees who might visit, or work at, a park, campground, rest stop, or restaurant that is served by a septic system.