Hazardous Waste

Tracey Tyrrell, Supervising Environmental Scientist

235 Promenade Street

Providence, RI 02908-5767

(401) 537-4480

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This program performs compliance evaluation inspections of businesses that generate hazardous waste and investigates citizen complaints alleging the mismanagement of hazardous waste. The program also receives referrals from DEM divisions and offices relating to evaluations of hazardous waste transfer and storage facilities. There are more than three thousand (3,000) companies in the State that generate or manage hazardous waste.

Emergency Response

In the event of a fire, spill or unplanned release involving hazardous waste or materials, you are required to immediately notify RIDEM’s Emergency Response Program by calling (401) 537-4533 (business hours) or 401-222-3070 (after hours).

Hazardous Waste Generators may register as an Industry User in EPA’s database called RCRA Info. Register at rcrainfo.epa.gov/rcrainfoprod/action/secured/login. In this system Generators can request a new EPA Identification Number (MyRCRAid), update an existing EPA Identification Number, submit Biennial Reports (LQGs only) and utilize the new electronic manifest (E-Manifest) tracking system. Instructions on how to register are provided in the file below entitled “MyRCRAid”.

A new system is available online on EPA’s website which allows any person to obtain an Emergency EPA Identification Number 24-hours a day. This number may ONLY be used to ship hazardous waste generated during a spill response incident. The Emergency ID Numbers are NOT for routine or planned waste shipments. If you require a Temporary EPA Identification Number for a routine shipment, please call this Office at 401-222-1360 during business hours. To obtain an emergency number use the link below, then select “Rhode Island” and then click the continue button.


Hazardous Waste Databases

Report an Environmental Complaint

DEM's Office of Compliance and Inspection (OC&I) investigates complaints and suspected violations of environmental laws and regulations and performs compliance monitoring of regulated activities. Compliance with environmental laws, rules, regulations, permits and licenses is enforced through both informal and formal enforcement actions. Note: Complaints are public records and information you forward to OC&I will be available for public review UNLESS you advise us that you wish to remain anonymous.

Report via Email

After hours emergency: 401-222-3070