Wastewater Treatment Facility Resilience Fund

In 2018, Rhode Island voters approved the Green Economy and Clean Water Bond referendum which provided funding support for the Wastewater Treatment Resilience Fund (WWTFRF).  Using a competitive grant process, the WWTFRF provides funding to municipalities and/or quasi-state entities to protect government-owned wastewater collection systems and treatment facilities against the effects of climate change and flooding.  WWTFRF projects will harden, relocate, repair/replace, and/or provide redundancy infrastructure at these wastewater treatment facilities.  Approximately $5,000,000 of funding was provided in the initial round of WWTFRF grant projects. 

Current projects include:


    Project Title


    Barrington/Warren Joint Portable Generators - Barrington


    Installation of Watertight Doors at the Pontiac, Worthington, and Youlden Pump Stations

    East Greenwich

    Construction of WWTF resiliency measures and emergency generator replacement

    East Providence

    Silver Street Pump Station Floodproofing


    Scarborough WWTF Outfall Groin Restoration


    Long Wharf Pump Station Flood Protection

    New Shoreham

    Ocean Avenue Pump Station

    Quonset Development Corporation

    Quonset WWTF Resiliency Action Plan, Phase R1


    Smithfield WWTF – Grit Removal System

    South Kingstown

    Middlebridge Pump Station Resiliency/Hardening


    Barrington/Warren Joint Portable Generators - Warren


    Wood Street Pump Station Resiliency Improvements


    New Canal Street Pump Station Flood Retaining Wall


    Woonsocket WWTF Building Hardening

    At this time, the WWTFRF grant program is not accepting proposals.  For more information, contact:

    Sean McCormick (sean.mccormick@dem.ri.gov) or (401) 222-4700 ext. 2777728.