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Large amounts of plastic and food waste are generated at events around the world. Mirroring the proliferation of disposables in society, festivals and events consume vast amounts of single-use plastics, food, and plastic serve ware for drinks and food. One can only imagine the shocking sea of litter often left by audiences at events.

The “Green Hospitality” program at the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) provides an opportunity for event organizers to make a positive change in society in a way that is unavailable to many other sectors. Festivals can control what comes onsite and into their ecosystem and they can choose to take action to limit plastic waste and, by doing so, can positively influence the attitudes and behavior of their audiences. In the temporary world of festivals, convenience is a crucial factor. Being able to sell large quantities of drinks quickly, in a disposable plastic bottle or cup, has become the norm. It is often perceived as the only practical option for event organizers, and vital for maintaining revenues. However long lasting, durable, reusable solutions are available!

The RIDEM green events checklist provides a menu of best management practices that event organizers can use to achieve a reduction in environmental impact at events and festivals. The RIDEM encourages you to certify your next event as a green event. Please see the following links to get started on planning your green event!

Road Map to a Green Event