E-Manifest State Requirements


RIDEM has adopted EPA’s Industry (database) Applications to allow hazardous waste handlers (generators, transporters and facilities) to update their site status using MyRCRAid, to use e-manifests and produce biennial reports online. Handlers can sign up for access to EPA’s Industry Applications at: rcrainfo.epa.gov/rcrainfoprod/action/secured/login or cdx.epa.gov/cdx/login. Users who have signed up on the federal central data exchange for other programs (e.g. air, water) can use the same ID and password. Questions about MYRCRAINFO can be directed to Sean Carney.


The National E-Manifest Rule has gone into effect as of June 30, 2018. This rule contains a federal pre-emption that means it takes effect in all states (including RI) even if those states have not adopted the rule. The most important provisions of the rule are:

  • 1.Generators and destination facilities not required to send manifest to States.
  • 2.Destination facilities are required to send manifest data, manifests or manifest images to USEPA.
  • 3.Generators, transporters and destination facilities may track manifests in EPA’s system without mailing or retaining paper copies provided they are all registered in EPA’s system.
  • 4.Destination facilities pay a fee for each manifest used, the fee varies based on method of submission (fully paper manifests are the most expensive).
  • 5.If the manifest has only non-hazardous waste on it, no matter the generator status, that manifest does not need to be uploaded or sent to the clearinghouse. If the manifest has a mix of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes on it, then the manifest must be submitted to EPA.

More information about e-manifests can be found at: epa.gov/e-manifest.

For questions about E-manifests, contact Alyson Brunelli.


Some rules are different for each State. Here is one that is specific to Rhode Island:

  • CESQG’s and SQG’s require EPA ID #’s to have Hazardous Waste picked by a transporter. One can get a free temporary or permanent EPA ID by calling (401) 537-4533