Zero Plastics Marina Initiative

Did you know that eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year? That’s a whole garbage truck per minute – and 80 percent of that comes from land-based sources. It means that if no action is taken, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

Rhode Island DEM, in partnership with RI Marine Trades Association and marina operators, are launching an initiative to take local action on this issue to keep plastics out of Narragansett Bay and off our ocean coastlines.

The Zero Plastics Marina initiative is a voluntary effort where marinas “pledge” to commit to plastic prevention activities. A menu of 10 pollution prevention action items have been developed by this partnership to help marina owners commit to and implement this program. Each activity is rated on a scale which when reached recognizes them as a Zero Plastics Marina. Rated activities include plastic prevention education, pollution prevention, recycling, and coastline clean-ups. Through these activities marinas and their guests can play a part in a cleaner future for our Bay.

Rated Activities for Marinas

  • Designate a “Zero Plastics” Steward
  • Develop and Implement a Plan to Reduce Single-use Plastic Water Bottles
  • Provide Water Refilling Stations in Public Areas
  • Eliminate Single-use Plastic Bags
  • Provide Ample Opportunity for Recycling
  • Post Responsible Signage
  • Provide Responsible Dinnerware
  • Participate in a Shrink Wrap Recycling Program
  • Organize or Sponsor a Shoreline Clean-up Event
  • Install a Trash Skimmer
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