Archery Proficiency Testing

Rhode Island Hunter Education Program

Year round

By appointment only
Contact: Branton Elleman 401-575-6331 or

Division of Fish & Wildlife
Education Center

1B Camp E-Hun-Tee Place

Division of Fish & Wildlife
Great Swamp Shooting Range

277 Great Neck Road
West Kingston

Year round

By appointment only
Contact: Edward Klosowski 401-294-4276 or

Narragansett Bow Hunters
1531 Ten Rod Road
North Kingstown

Archery Proficiency testing is required every two years when bowhunting on Prudence Island, Patience Island, Block Island or Beavertail; or in the Town of Lincoln.

Testing Requirements: Picture ID will be required for all adult participants. Equipment belonging to the hunter to include five arrows equipped with broadheads (minimum of two cutting edges, 7/8" or greater at the widest point). Broadheads must be covered or in a quiver. Test consists of five shots at 20 yards. Three of five arrows must strike the vital area of a life size deer silhouette.

Only ONE attempt is allowed per day