Nursery Licensing, Inspection & Certification

Plant material inspection provides the basis for certification and compliance with laws and regulations governing the movement of plants domestically and internationally. Certification of plant material is facilitated through nursery inspection and nursery stock certification of licensed nursery workers, and both state and federal phytosanitary certification for domestic and international shipment of plant materials. Plant shipments that do not meet certification requirements of the destination state or country may be refused entry or require quarantine or treatment at the destination.

Specific permits are necessary to import specific plants, plant products, and organisms into the U.S. and across state borders. USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine requires permits for importation into and transit though the United States of plants and plant products, plant pests (plant feeding insects, mites, snails, slugs, and plant pathogens), biological control organisms of plant pests and weeds, and Federally listed noxious weeds, and for the importation, interstate movement, or release of genetically engineered organisms considered to be regulated articles, under regulatory authorities. Movement into or within Rhode Island is prohibited for all Federal noxious weeds designated by USDA APHIS in 7CFR Part 360-Noxious Weed Regulations.

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