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Forests have coexisted with fire since the beginning of time, some forests even needing fire to survive. And humans have been using fire to modify their environment for millennia and have learned about fire and how to manage it to meet specific goals. But uncontrolled fire, wildfire, can threaten homes and property and lives.

It is important that communities and individual homeowners understand the risks of wildfire and take appropriate steps to protect and maintain to mitigate the impacts of fire in its severity and rate of spread.

Firewise USA® is a national program that recognizes communities that practice Firewise principles, but also provides information for individuals on how to plan and protect their homes and buildings.

Forest Fast Breaks:

Safety Reminders:

Scientific research has shown the effectiveness and benefits of implementing wildfire reduction concepts to make your home and property safer during a wildfire. Protecting your home from an advancing wildfire front and wind driven embers takes some planning and effort, but not as much as you might think.

1. Get to know your home ignition zone and learn what you can do to plan, prepare and outwit wildfire.

 2. Determine the wildfire risk to your home with the assessment form:

 3. Get busy! Share with your neighbors, your community and your fire department.

circular chart highlighting the elements of fire-adapted communities
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Scientific research has shown the effectiveness and benefits of implementing wildfire mitigation concepts across individual property boundaries throughout the community. Communities can develop a Firewise action plan or a Wildfire Risk Reduction Plan that guides and encourages residents to live safer from a wildfire. The process is simple, and the Firewise USA program and DFE Forest Fire Program staff will provide necessary educational materials, training, expertise and assistance, while allowing your neighborhood or community to act and take responsibility!

Take the 6 Steps to becoming Firewise and become one of the nationally recognized Firewise USA communities.