Designated Trout Waters

Most designated trout waters are stocked prior to the opening day of trout season.

The numbers in parentheses indicate the following:
(1) Fly fishing only;
(2) Minors fourteen (14) years of age and younger, only.
(3) Minors fourteen (14) years of age or younger during specified times of the year. Please refer to General Information for more information.
(4) Wheelchair accessible. Please refer to General Information for more information.

Anglers should check with the latest regulations or the Freshwater fishing Abstract for clarification.

2024/25 Season Update: April 13, 2024 to February 28, 2025

Opening Day of Trout Season occurs annually on the second Saturday in April and continues through the last day of February at midnight. Find answers to common questions and safety tips at

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  • April 24, 2024 - Stocked Locations:
    • Deep Pond (Arcadia), Exeter
    • Hunt River, East Greenwich and North Kingstown
    • Pawcatuck River (Bradford, Burdickville, Richmond Landing), Hopkinton, Richmond, Charlestown, and Westerly
    • Silver Spring Lake, North Kingstown
    • Wood River (Alton), Hopkinton and Richmond
  • April 23, 2024 - Stocked Locations:
    • Ashaway River, Hopkinton
    • Ashville Pond, Hopkinton
    • Carbuncle Pond, Coventry
    • Foster Green Acres Pond, Foster
    • Meadow Brook River, Richmond
    • Moosup River, Coventry
    • Shippee Saw Mill Pond, Foster
    • Wood River, Hopkinton (Woodville) & Richmond
  • April 22, 2024 - Stocked Locations:
    • Chepachet River, Glocester & Burrillville
    • Round Top Ponds, Burrillville
    • Round Top Brook, Burrillville
  • April 19, 2024 - Stocked Locations:
    • Barber Pond, South Kingstown
    • Carolina Trout Pond, Richmond
    • Onley Pond, Lincoln
  • April 18, 2024 - Stocked Locations:
    • Frosty Hollow Pond, Exeter (children only)
    • Meadow Brook Pond, Richmond
    • Wood River (165/check station, The Pines, High Banks and above Barberville Dam), Exeter, Richmond, Hopkinton
  • April 17, 2024 - Stocked Locations:
    • Pawcatuck River, Kings Factory Bridge, Richmond
    • Tucker Pond, South Kingstown
    • Watchaug Pond, Charlestown 
  • April 10, 2024: Press Release: A Rite of Spring, Rain or Shine: Opening Day of Trout Season is Set for April 13; DEM has Stocked 60,000 Fish in Over 100 Waterbodies

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List was last updated on 4/10/24

Name Location
Abbotts Run Brook Cumberland
Adamsville Brook and Pond Tiverton & Little Compton
Alton Pond Richmond & Hopkinton
Ashaway River Hopkinton
Ashville Pond Hopkinton
Barber Pond South Kingstown
Beach Pond Exeter
Big River West Greenwich
Blackstone River Cumberland & Lincoln
Branch River Burrillville
Brandy Brook Glocester
Breakheart Brook Exeter
Breakheart Pond Exeter, West Greenwich
Brickyard Pond Barrington
Browning Mill Pond Exeter
Brushy Brook Hopkinton
Bucks Horn Brook Coventry
California Jim's South Kingstown

Carbuncle Pond

(4)Wheelchair accessible

Carolina Trout Pond Richmond

Cass Pond

(3)Children Only during specified times

Chepachet River Glocester & Burrillville
Chickasheen Brook South Kingstown
Clear River Burrillville

Deep Pond (Arcadia)

(1) Fly fishing only

Dexter Pond, Rt 6 (private owner, open to the public) Scituate
Dolly Cole Brook Foster
Dunderry Brook Little Compton
Eight Rod Farm Pond Tiverton
Falls River Exeter & West Greenwich
Flat River Exeter
Foster Green Acres Pond Foster
Frenchtown Park Pond East Greenwich

Frosty Hollow Pond

(2)Children Only


Geneva Brook & Pond

(3)Children Only during specified times

North Providence
Gorton Pond Warwick
Harris River Woonsocket
Hopkins Mill Pond Foster
Hunt River East Greenwich & No. Kingstown
J.L. Curran Reservoir Cranston

Lapham Pond

(2)Children Only


Lloyd Kenney Pond

(3)Children Only during specified times

Meadow Brook Richmond
Meadow Brook Pond Richmond

Upper Melville Pond (Thurston Gray Pond)

(4)Wheelchair accessible

Lower Melville Pond Portsmouth
Memorial Park Pond Lincoln
Meshanticut Pond Cranston
Moosup River Coventry
Moscow Brook Hopkinton

Mowry A.L. Pond

(1) Fly fishing only


Olney Pond

(4)Wheelchair accessible

Lincoln Woods State Park, Lincoln
Parris Brook Exeter

Pawcatuck River

(4)Wheelchair accessible

Hopkinton, Richmond, Charlestown, & Westerly
Pawtuxet River (north branch) Scituate/Cranston
Pawtuxet River (south branch) Coventry/West Warwick
Peck Pond Burrillville
Ponaganset River Foster

Ponderosa Park Pond

(3)Children Only during specified times

Little Compton

Roaring Brook & Ponds

(4)Wheelchair accessible

Round Top Brook Burrillville
Round Top Ponds Burrillville
Saugatucket River South Kingstown

Scott Evans Memorial Pond (Biscuit City)

(2)Children Only

(4)Wheelchair Accessible

South Kingstown

Seidel's Pond

(2)Children Only

Shippee Saw Mill Pond Foster

Silver Spring Lake

(4)Wheelchair accessible

North Kingstown
Silvy's Brook Diamond Hill Park Cumberland

Silvy's Pond Diamond Hill Park

(2)Children Only

Simmons Mill Pond Little Compton

Slater Park Pond

(3)Children Only during specified times

Spring Grove Pond Glocester
Stafford Pond Tiverton
Sylvester's Pond Woonsocket
Tarbox Pond West Greenwich
Tarkiln Pond Burrillville & North Smithfield
Ten Mile River East Providence
Tiogue Lake Coventry
Tiverton Trout Pond Tiverton
Tucker Pond South Kingstown

Upper Rochambeau Pond

(1) Fly fishing only

Wallum Lake Burrillville
Watchaug Pond Charlestown
Willett Pond East Providence
Winsor Brook Foster
Wood River Exeter, Hopkinton, & Richmond
Woonasquatucket River Smithfield
Wyoming Pond Richmond & Hopkinton

Trout Stocking Map

map showing location of trout stocked waters

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