RI Water Testing Program

Know your source.

The RI Produce Safety Program is offering free agricultural water testing to those farms interested in learning more about their water quality. Our program staff will assist in sample collection, drop off the samples for analysis and deliver your results, providing technical assistance along the way. Our goal is to empower growers with the knowledge and tools to proactively manage agricultural water quality, both in the field and during post-harvest activities. Safe water helps grow safe, quality produce.

What we offer.

RI DEM Division of Agriculture will cover the cost of two water tests per water source on your farm. Water sources include both groundwater (wells) and surface water (ponds). All water samples will be tested for levels of generic E. Coli. Water samples are brought to the RI Department of Health lab for analysis. Our program will receive lab results and pass them on to you, along with any recommendations.

We will come to you.

Our field staff are available to provide on-farm technical assistance including:

  • Water sample collection
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Water result analysis
  • GAP/PSR Compliance

 Schedule a test.

Water testing is now being scheduled for the 2022 season. Testing appointments will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 31 to October 27, 2022.

Schedule a Water Testing Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my well test comes back high for generic E. coli?
Visit URI's page for Safe Well Water Tip Sheets to find recommended well water treatment options.

Where can I test my water?
Farms covered under FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule are required to test their agricultural water and send the samples to a certified laboratory that utilizes testing methods approved by FDA. Since these samples are time-sensitive, NECAFS has provided a Northeast regional map for farmers to find the closest laboratory to their location. To learn more, or to request free testing be done on your farm’s water sources, please contact one of our Produce Safety Team members.

To find RI DOH laboratories, as well as some of the services they offer, visit the Certified Analytical Laboratories webpage.

For information on drinking water quality, please visit the Center for Drinking Water Quality website.

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