Harvesting Rhode Island

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The Division of Agriculture, through the Specialty Crop Block Grants Program, funded creation of the Harvesting Rhode Island television series to promote Rhode Island specialty crop growers and educate consumers on the benefits of buying locally-produced crops. Episodes cover topics including young farmers staying in Rhode Island and the cost of farmland, the relationship between renewable energy and the loss of farmland, climate change, and vertical growing. Discussions with farmers include organic farming, issues about solar panels and alternative energy on the farmland.

The show shares the central story of how the farmers have responded to changing technology and markets so that they can continue to succeed as a business. Educated consumers will play an important role in the economic development and sustainability of farms in the state. "Harvesting Rhode Island" takes them on location so they can see the farms and listen to the farmers' stories.

Farm City

Farm to Table

Farming Old, Farming New

Grape Expectations

A Tale of Three Nurseries

Beef, Cows, Cheese

Microgreens & Hydroponics

Sheep & Cattle

Flowers & Tomatoes

Sod Farms & Christmas Trees

Young Farmer, Seasoned Farmer

Hops & Vines

Farm Stand & Historic Topiary

Oysters, Mussels, Quahogs

Bees & Flowers

Historic Farms

Special: Commercial Fisheries

Brandon Family Farm & Big John Leyden's Tree Farm

Diamond Hill Vineyards & Phantom Farm

Garman Farm & Young Farm

Newport Vineyards

Sanctuary Herbs & Morris Farm

Sweet Berry Farm & Little State Flower Co.

Verde Vineyards & Elwood Orchard

Wright's Dairy & Emma Acres

Narrow Lane Orchard & Blackbird Farm

COMING SOON: Specialty Foods of Rhode Island

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Most consumers in Rhode Island are unaware of the locations and variety of food production in the state. People purchase local products in retail stores but have no knowledge about how the food is produced. Some of the products are distributed in other parts of the country and some in other parts of the world. This series will provide the inside stories of the individuals in the food production industry. Viewers can listen and see interviews with people working on location in the factories and a hydroponic farm developing an insider’s look into the production of food. Most of these producers use artesian methods for their products. One uses a new way of producing a better quality of food using innovative techniques.

Produced by CASERTA PRODUCTIONS, this four-part series will feature thirty-minute episodes on the following companies, Charcuterie ArtisansNarragansett CreamerySeven Stars Bakery, and Gotham Greens.

Watch on Rhode Island PBS on October 14 at 9:00 and 9:30 PM and October 21 at 9:00 and 9:30 PM