Report Wildlife Observations

The RIDEM Division of Fish and Wildlife requests the public’s assistance in reporting observations of wildlife throughout the state. Observations from citizen scientists help our state biologists understand the distribution, abundance and health of our native wildlife.

To report your observation online, click the appropriate button below. If you expect to report observations frequently, we recommend downloading the FREE Survey123 app on your smartphone. You only need to download the app once. Click on the appropriate survey button below and select “open in the Survey123 Field App”, the application will automatically download and you can enter future observations from the application on your phone!

frog in grass

Herp Observer

Report your sightings of frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes and turtles to our State Herpetologist to provide information on the distribution of reptiles and amphibians in RI. Read our factsheet on how to submit data.

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View collected observation data at

wild turkey with eggs

Wild Turkey Brood Survey

July 1st–Aug 31st

Report your summer sightings of wild turkey hens, toms, and poults (chicks) to RIDEM biologists. Turkey brood observations help provide information for the reproductive success and health of turkeys in our state. Read our factsheet on how to submit data.

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Summer Deer Survey

Aug 1st-Sept 30th

Report sightings of white-tailed deer seen from August 1st through September 30th to help state biologists obtain fawn to doe ratios and an index of reproduction rates through time. Read our factsheet on how to submit data.

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General Wildlife Observations


The Division of Fish and Wildlife also collects observations of: Bobcat, Bear and Coyote via email.

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bird on bird feeder

Songbird Mortality Report


Report dead or dying wild birds observed within the state of Rhode Island. NOTE: There are normal reasons for bird mortality. A standard indicator for disease is observing several (5-10) dead birds over a short period at a single location. However, during times of certain disease outbreaks, such as Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, observing a single bird washed up on the beach is worth reporting.

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A wild bee sits on top a vibrant violet flower

Bee Observer


Report your sightings of bees to our State Pollinator Entomologist to provide information on the distribution and status of bees in Rhode Island. Read our factsheet on how to submit data.

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Wildlife Publications & Reports

DFW Wildlife Factsheets