Rhode Island Freshwater and Saltwater Sportfish Records

To qualify for a Gamefish Award or State Record Award, anglers must catch a qualifying fish by rod and reel, tie-up or handline by legal means in Rhode Island waters. The Rhode Island waters must also be open to the public without charge, fee, special permission, or membership. Fish caught in private ponds with restricted access to use by club members or their guests, including those temporarily opened to the public for a fishing derby, are not considered open to the public, even if no fee is charged, and will not qualify for either award.

If you believe you've caught a new Rhode Island State Record, bring it to an official weigh-in station to be weighed and measured using a digital scale. State record catches are determined annually once all data are received for that year. Any new record catches are updated each Spring according to the catch records of the previous year. Please call first to make sure that they are open and that you can be accommodated.

Contact person: Kimberly Sullivan (401) 539-0019 or Kimberly.sullivan@dem.ri.gov

State Records for Freshwater Species

State Records for Saltwater Species

Rhode Island Notable Catches Saltwater Species

The following saltwater catches are not species of the Rhode Island State Records list, nor are they qualifying species for the Game Fish Award Program. They are, however, notable catches and given state recognition.