Borrowing The EnviroScape® Model

This colorful model, used by environmental educators around the country, helps students visualize the sources of stormwater, or non-point, pollution, as well as ways to prevent it. Rhode Island Stormwater Solutions has several models available for use in your classroom!

Children making a stormwater model

Description Of The Model

The EnviroScape® Watershed/Non-point Source Model tracks pollution from point and non-point sources, including non-point sources (residential areas, stormwater, forestry areas, transportation, recreation, agriculture and construction) as well as point sources (factory, sewage treatment plant, storm drains). Stormwater pollution and runoff are visually apparent when rain falling over the landscape top carries soil (cocoa), chemicals (colored drink mixes) and oil (cocoa and water mixture) through a watershed to a body of water. Stormwater runoff and storm drain function are also addressed. Best management practices include felt buffer strips as vegetation, clay to create berms and other methods to show conservation and water pollution prevention measures at work. Click here to see students using the model!

The model shows non-point source pollution and the steps everyone can take to help prevent environmental contamination. The EnviroScape® Watershed/Non-point Source Model also teaches an overall watershed concept. Two waterways flow into a larger water body, which is representative of a lake, river, bay, or ocean. The unit comes complete with a kit containing everything you need to demonstrate the movement of water through a watershed and the pollution that runoff may cause.

Borrowing The Model

Rhode Island Stormwater Solutions owns the EnviroScape® Model and will loan it to educators on a first-come-first-served basis through the URI Outreach Center. Groups have the option of scheduling a time to complete training on use of the model and may borrow the model for one week maximum. A deposit is required to borrow the model, which will be returned when the model is returned. For more information, download model description and directions, or contact Mamie Chen at or (401) 874-2900 to borrow the model.

Teacher Resources To Use With The Model

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