Site Design

houses in a row with grass in front

Sweetbriar Subdivision

LID Type: Bioswale, Bioretention, Site Design

Use: Residential

Installer: Nation Wide Construction

Designer/Developer: East Bay Community Development Corporation (Developer), Donald Powers (Architect), Gates, Leighton & Associates (Landscape Architect), and Fuss & O’Neill (Civil Engineer)

Install Date: 2009-2010

trees along a street

Harbour Ridge Subdivision

LID Type: Infiltration Trenches

Use: Residential

Installer: J.H. Lynch & Sons

Designer/Developer: David D. Gardner & Associates

Install Date: 2006

residential road with driveways visible

Browns Farm Subdivision

LID Type: Reduced pavement, retention pond

Use: Residential


Designer/Developer: DUknown

Install Date: Uknown