Vedanta Society

LID Type: Green roof, drywell, bioretention

Use: Institutional

Installer: TRAC Builders

Designer/Developer: Kite Architects

Install Date: 2013

Address: 227 Angell Street

Town: Providence

Zip Code: 02906

County: Providence


Christine Malecki West, AIA

Principal, Kite Architects


Project Summary:

A green roof, dry well and bioretention facility was installed as part of a major addition to the Vedanta Society chapel. 

Project Narrative:

Located on a major historic street in Providence on College Hill, the design of the Vedanta Society is intended to respect its institutional and residential neighbors and create a street edge compatible with the walkable community. An eye to energy efficiency and cost effective yet durable materials was an important factor of the Vedanta Society’s design.  Features such as a green area with sunscreens and deep overhangs provide a tranquil garden area within a very tight urban site, and also reduce cooling loads in the summer. A dry well is used to mitigate excess stormwater and planting areas mitigate 50% of stormwater.

illustrated outside of a building

Address: 227 Angell Street, Providence, RI 02906