Stillwater Mill Auxiliary Parking Lot

LID Type: Permeable Pavement

Use: Institutional

Installer: International Paving Corporation

Designer/Developer: Pare Corporation

Install Date: November 22, 2010

Address: 100 Tinkham Lane

Town: Burrillville

Zip Code: 02830

County: Providence


Jeffrey McCormick

Director, Burrillville DPW


The Stillwater Mill Auxiliary Parking Lot was funded by RI DEM to assist the Town of Burrillville in constructing a porous pavement system for the auxiliary parking lot at the town’s new Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library. The purpose of the grant was to fund a properly sited, designed, and constructed porous asphalt parking facility as a demonstration to help overcome negative impressions that municipal engineers, DPW directors, and planners in Rhode Island may have regarding the use of porous asphalt.

The Town of Burrillville intended to expand its public library parking by installing an auxiliary lot on ½ an acre of previously undeveloped land adjacent to existing parking. Runoff from the existing lots flowed untreated into the Clear River, approximately 250 feet east of the site. The town wished to avert any potential water quality problems that could result from developing the new auxiliary parking lot. The development of the lot using porous pavement reduces the impact of total suspended solids, petroleum hydrocarbons, bacteria, and nutrients (such as lawn fertilizers) that are discharged from nearby lawns up-gradient in the watershed.

The development of the existing site using porous pavement has allowed the Town of Burrillville to expand its parking for the Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library in a manner that addresses any potential water quality problems that would otherwise result from an increase in traditional impervious parking surfaces. Upon installation of the pavement, educational signage was placed at the parking lot to inform both town residents and any visiting municipal workers about porous asphalt systems and their utility in preserving and improving water quality from nonpoint source pollution.

Stillwater Mill Auxiliary Parking Lot
Stillwater Mill Auxiliary Parking Lot
Stillwater Mill Auxiliary Parking Lot being paved

Address: 100 Tinkham Lane, Burrillville, RI 02830