St. Andrews School Grasspave© Emergency Access Road

Type: Permeable Pavement

Use: Civic/Public

Installer: St. Andrew’s maintenance

Designer/Developer: Grasspave

Installation Date: 2002 – Ongoing

Address: 63 Federal Road, Barrington, RI, 02806


Bill Coyle

St. Andrew’s Maintenance

(401) 246-0416

Many roads on the St. Andrews school campus in Barrington, RI were removed to make it a more walkable campus. This has reduced the total impervious area of the campus, allowing stormwater to infiltrate into the ground. Some high traffic areas still required some kind of paving and support, particularly the areas bordering the walkways. The emergency access road is also an area paved with Grasspave and is able to withstand infrequent fire truck and maintenance truck use. This material consists of connected plastic circular rings that can be filled with a soil/sand mix and grass. Since the material is 92% pervious, it allows water to infiltrate into the soils and reduces the need for costly stormwater management infrastructure to collect runoff. Maintenance includes mowing, irrigation, fertilization and seeding as well as individual grids needing to be replaced over time. Grasspave can handle existing snow removal equipment as long as the plow blades are one inch above the surface.

Stillwater Mill Auxiliary Access road
This area used to have a large paved road running through it.
Grasspave installed
Grasspave installed
Landscaped island
Landscaped island reduces pavement in a cul – de – sac.

Address: 63 Federal Road, Barrington, RI, 02806