Rhode Island Blood Center

LID Type: Bioretention

Use: Institutional

Installer: E.W. Burman

Designer/Developer: DiPrete Engineering with Vision 3 Architects

Install Date: October 2013

Address: 405 Promenade Street

Town: Providence

Zip Code: 02879

County: Providence


Brian Giroux, PE

Senior Project Engineer, DiPrete Engineering



Project Summary:

Following redevelopment, the Rhode Island Blood Center uses four bioretention areas, one bioretention swale, multiple tree box bioretention filters, and two underground sand filters to treat stormwater.

Project Narrative:

The redevelopment of the Rhode Island Blood center  included a  new 22,600 square foot addition, other improvements, and site design. Before, the site was mostly impervious and had no water quality treatment in place.  Now, all of the new impervious and most of the existing impervious is being treated using the 2010 RI Stormwater Design Manual. The stormwater is filtered through plants and bioretention media. Sand filters are also used underground.

entry driveway next to a chain link fence

Address: 405 Promenade Street, Providence, RI 02879