Grant’s Block

LID Type: Bioretention, Permeable Pavement

Use: Civic

Installer: Catalano Construction, Inc.

Designer/Developer: Jonathan Ford, Morris Beacon Design

Install Date: Summer 2008

Address: 260 Westminster Street

Town: Providence

Zip Code: 02903

County: Providence


Jonathan Ford, PE

Principal, Morris Beacon Design


The Grant’s Block parking improvements project retrofitted an existing parking lot in Providence’s urban core with low impact development practices, while still maintaining its parking capacity. The client, Providence based development company Cornish Associates, sought the implementation of sustainable stormwater management techniques in the existing parking lot at Grant’s Block, a mixed-use venture incorporating residential and retail components in downtown Providence. The context-sensitive site design by Jonathan Ford (Morris Beacon Design) incorporated permeable parking spaces that encourage stormwater recharge, as well as drywells that treat and recharge surface runoff. The project also features bioretention pockets along the parking perimeter, which not only provide stormwater function by filtering and infiltrating runoff, but also introduce greening aesthetics in the urban core.

Address: 260 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903