East Bay Educational Collaborative

LID Type: Bioswale

Use: Institutional

Installer: Cobalt Construction

Designer/Developer: Greg D. Spiess | Greg Spiess AIA Architecture & Urban Design

Install Date: August 2008

Address: 317 Market Street

Town: Warren

Zip Code: 02885

County: Bristol


Gerald Kowalcyzk

Executive Director, EBEC

401.245.4998 x301


The East Bay Educational Collaborative (EBEC) is a private non-profit organization that works with area school districts in providing science kits and teacher-training classes, and is home to an alternative high school program. During summer of 2008, the EBEC underwent remodeling and renovation, using “green” elements in its makeover. The most notable difference was the removal of an expansive parking lot that once dominated the front of the property. Parking has since been relocated from the front of the building to the side, creating room for a large green area for student recreation. Other site work included the implementation of bioswales that collect stormwater runoff from the building’s roof and adjacent paved areas where it is then absorbed into the groundwater and used by new plant materials, effectively bypassing the town sewer system. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has since acknowledged the EBEC’s use of bioswales as an innovative model of sustainable site drainage.

The East Bay Educational Collaborative
The East Bay Educational Collaborative Building
The East Bay Educational Collaborative Building 2
The East Bay Educational Collaborative

Address: 317 Market Street, Warren, 02885, Bristol