Charlestown Wine & Spirits

LID Type: Permeable Pavement, Cistern

Use: Commercial

Installer: GrandScapes (Permeable Pavers) and Morrone Excavation (Site Work)

Designer/Developer: Oyster Works (Architect), On-Site Engineering (Site Engineer), and Gravelly Hill Design Group (Landscape Architect)

Install Date: November 2010

Address: 4625 Old Post Road

Town: Charlestown

Zip Code: 02813

County: Washington


Tony Nenna

President, On-Site Engineering


Oyster Works’ commitment to an environmentally friendly design for Charlestown Wine & Spirits began with a focus on understanding the site. Landscape architect Jenn Judge (Gravelly Hill Design Group) developed a plan proposing the use of permeable pavers and an emphasis on native plant species in order to minimize the need for irrigation. Oyster Works was also committed to handling all of the water and runoff on-site and making provisions for it to be absorbed back into the ground. As a result, they commissioned Tony Nenna of On-Site Engineering, who was responsible for the site drainage and stormwater design.

Tony further developed the site plan, which included the use of permeable pavers for the parking areas and sidewalks that allow stormwater to be naturally absorbed back into the ground. The site plan also called for a system of underground cisterns that temporarily store water before being slowly released and recharging the groundwater below. Stormwater from the roof is collected in gutters and then channeled through drains to the cisterns below ground.

Oyster Works also consulted with Matt Foley of Unilock to ensure that the permeable pavers were being installed according to Unilock’s specifications. The plan called for a 6” subbase of 2.5” stones, followed by a 6” base of 1” stones, and a 2” bedding course of 3/8” stones. Morrone Excavation laid the base and subbase, and GrandScapes laid the bedding course and set the pavers.

Charlestown Wine & Spirits permeable pavers being installed
Charlestown Wine & Spirits pavers
Charlestown Wine & Spirits
Charlestown Wine & Spirits

Address: 4625 Old Post Road, Charlestown, 02813