Floral Greens

Floral greenery has a rapidly expanding market. There are a variety of forest grown floral products that are used for decorative arrangements such as wreaths, backdrops for floral arrangements, and bouquets. Conifer boughs are popular holiday decorations and are mainly made from white pine and balsam fir. Markets boom during the holiday season with the sale of wreaths, garland, and swags. Princess pine, holly, and mountain laurel are native plants that are used for decorative purposes. Foliage can be harvested on a sustainable basis every two to three years. Although land is not usually managed soley for the purpose of producing floral greens, it can be achieved in conjunction with other objectives, like thinning a pine forest to increase tree growth.

Florist shops and local specialty shops are the most promising markets for forest grown floral greens. Market prices vary with plant species and product quality.

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