Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs)

The Department of Environmental Management keeps an inventory of ASTs within the State. This inventory provides needed information to better respond in the event of a spill or release. The information provided will also serve as a database to be used by the Department when reviewing the mandatory annual facility inspection reports submitted by AST owners/operators pursuant to section 10(d) (Facilities Inspection) of the Oil Pollution Control Regulations (Regulations).

The Department respectfully requests that you fill out the attached forms if you own or operate an AST (s) with a single or combined AST (s) capacity of greater than 500 gallons. Owners of ASTs with a combined capacity of equal to or less than 500 gallons are exempt. At this time registration is free.

The Aboveground Storage Tank List can be viewed in one of the links below. This spreadsheet is updated by the Office of Emergency Response annually on July 1st of every year for all updates filed during the previous calendar year.

New and Replacement Tanks

All new construction/installation of a new facility or replacement tank system should not commence until an application of registration has been filed. The registration information should be signed by a local Fire Department official.

Please mail completed forms to:

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Office of Emergency Response

Aboveground Storage Tank Program

235 Promenade Street

Providence, RI 02908

If you have questions about the Aboveground Storage Tank program, please email dem.ast@dem.ri.gov or call (401) 537-4533 for assistance.

Immediately report ALL spills to the Department at 401-222-3070 (24-hour number) or at (401) 537-4533 during normal business hours.

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