Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

Pollution Prevention truck

The Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for municipal operations is a key element of the small MS4 storm water management program. Although this measure is meant to primarily accomplish the goal of improving or protecting the quality of receiving waters by altering the performance of municipal or facility operations, it can also result in a cost savings for the small MS4 operator, since proper and timely maintenance of storm sewer systems can help avoid repair costs from damage caused by age and neglect.

To meet the requirements of this minimum control measure, the operator of a regulated small MS4 will need to at a minimum:

  • Develop and implement an operation and maintenance program with the ultimate goal of preventing or reducing pollutant runoff from municipal operations into the storm sewer systems;

  • Include employee training on how to incorporate pollution prevention/good housekeeping techniques into municipal operations such as park and open space maintenance, fleet and building maintenance, new construction and land disturbances, and storm water system maintenance;
  • Determine appropriate best management practices (BMPs) and measurable goals for this minimum control measure.

Recommendations for developing a successful pollution prevention/good housekeeping program:

  • Maintenance activities and schedules, as well as long-term inspection procedures;
  • Controls on discharge of pollutants from streets, salt/sand storage areas, and waste transfer stations;
  • Procedures for disposing of waste from the MS4;
  • Ways to ensure new flood management projects;
  • Assess impacts to water quality.

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