2006 Preconstruction Permits

Note: This listing contains the versions of the minor source permit at the time of issuance. Some of these permits may have subsequently been modified or revised and therefore the document in this listing may not be the current version of the permit. If you need the current version of the permit, contact the Office of Air Resources.

Brown University
Approval No. 1951-1952
Issued 12/1/06
Installation of two temporary boilers.
Umicore Indium Products
Approval No. 1950
Issued 12/1/06
Installation of a packed bed scrubber.
Stanley Fastening Systems
East Greenwich
Approval No. 1925-1949
Issued 11/22/06
Installation of twenty-five nail coating machines.
Bradford Dyeing Association
Approval No. 1922-1924
Issued 11/9/06
Installation of a tenter frame and two Smoke Abaters.
Kenyon Industries, Inc.
Approval No. 1921
Issued 10/24/06
Installation of a regenerative thermal oxidizer.
Lincoln Park Raceway
Approval No. 1914-1920
Issued 10/2/06
Installation of three boilers (11.2 MMBTU/hr each) and four emergency generators (3-2155 HP, 1-1502 HP).
Clariant Corporation
Approval No. 1913
Issued 9/29/06
Site Remediation Activities
Paws at Rest
Approval No. 1912
Issued 9/18/06
Installation of an animal crematory.
Advanced Chemical Company
Approval No. 1910-1911
Issued 9/12/06
Installation of two dust collectors.
Toray Plastics (America),Inc.
North Kingstown
Approval No. 1908-1909
Issued 9/8/06
Installation of a two gravure coaters.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Inc.
Approval No. 1901-1907
Issued 8/11/06
Installation of process and ancillary equipment to add a commercial production line for the production of Meldin 7000?
Pawtucket Water Supply Board
Approval No. 1898-1900
Issued 7/27/06
Installation of two 2668 HP and one 986 HP emergency generators.
Bunge Oils, Inc.
Approval No. 1897
Issued 7/26/06
Installation of a 27.9 MMBTU/hr boiler.
T. Miozzi, Inc.
Approval No. 1895-1896
Issued 6/27/06
Installation of a new drum mix asphalt plant
Robin Rug/Russ-Russ Realty
Approval No. 1894
Issued 6/26/06
Installation of a 6.3 MMBTU/hr boiler fired with No. 4 fuel oil.
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
East Providence
Approval No. 1890-1893
Issued 6/26/06
Construction of a facility to produce aerogel insulation materials.
Block Island Power Co.
New Shoreham
Approval No. 1889
Issued 6/13/06
Installation of a new selective catalytic reduction system to control NOx emissions.
C&C Fiberglass Components, Inc.
Approval No. 1888
Issued 5/30/06
Construction of a fiberglass products manufacturing facility.
US Real Estate, LP
Approval No. 1887
Issued 5/15/06
Installation of a 896 HP emergency generator.
T. Miozzi, Inc.
Block Island
Approval No. 1885-1886
Issued 3/10/06
Installation of temporary drum mix asphalt plant.
Western Hills Crematory
Approval No. 1884
Issued 3/6/06
Installation of a crematory.
Bullard Abrasives
Approval No. 1883
Issued 2/27/06
Installation of resin processing equipment.
Electric Boat Corporation
North Kingstown
Approval No. 1882
Issued 2/16/06
Construction of Building 2009.
Kent County Water Authority
Approval No. 1881
Issued 2/1/06
Installation of an emergency generator.
Motiva Enterprises, LLC
Approval Nos. 1875-1880
Issued 1/25/06
Modifications to the bulk gasoline terminal to allow the processing and distribution of ethanol
Soluol, Inc.
East Providence
Approval Nos. 1871-1874
Issued 1/20/06
Installation of process and air pollution control equipment for the production of resins, coatings, adhesives and other specialty materials.