2003 Preconstruction Permits

Note: This listing contains the versions of the minor source permit at the time of issuance. Some of these permits may have subsequently been modified or revised and therefore the document in this listing may not be the current version of the permit. If you need the current version of the permit, contact the Office of Air Resources.

MMF Realty
Approval No. 1778
Issued 12/17/03
Installation of a 6 MMBTU/hr boiler.
Rhode Island Hospital
Approval No. 1777
Issued 10/21/03
Installation of a 89 MMBTU/hr boiler.
Strawberry Field Estates, Inc.
Approval No. 1776
Issued 10/14/03
Site remediation activities at 333 Strawberry Field Road.
Ridgewood Rhode Island Generation, LLC
Approval No. 1774-1775
Issued 9/16/03
Installation of two 1735 HP engine-generator sets to burn landfill gas.
Herff-Jones, Inc.
Approval No. 1761-1773
Issued 9/10/03
Installation of decorative chromium electroplating equipment, two vapor degreasers and eight casting ovens.
Hindley Mfg. Co.
Approval No. 1760
Issued 9/3/03
Installation of a 5.2 MMBTU/hr boiler.
Clariant Corporation
Approval No. 1759
Issued 7/16/03
Installation of an acid mist eliminator in series with an existing scrubber system (A-scrubber).
The Westerly Hospital
Approval No. 1758
Issued 7/08/03
Installation of a 1801 HP emergency, diesel fired engine-generator set.
New England Container Co.
Approval No. 1757
Issued 6/25/03
Installation of a replacement baghouse for the drum furnace.
Waste Management of RI
Approval No. 1756
Issued 6/24/03, Last revised 10/21/03
Installation of an 880 HP diesel fired engine to power a Compost Grinder. The engine is to replace the 750 HP engine in Approval No. 1716.
Fortune Metal, Inc.
Approval No. 1752-1755
Issued 5/30/03
Installation of a wire reclamation furnace and three baghouses.
J.H. Lynch & Sons
East Providence
Approval No. 1751
Issued 5/30/03
Installation of a baghouse on the existing asphalt plant.
South County Hospital
Approval No. 1749-1750
Issued 5/23/03
Installation of an 1180 HP emergency generator and an 8.2 MMBTU/hr boiler.
Rhode Island Hospital
Approval No. 1748
Issued 5/16/03
Installation of a 1502 HP emergency generator.
Teknor Apex Company
Approval No. 1745 & 1746
Issued 3/18/03
Installation of a cone calorimeter and scrubber.
Microfibres, Inc.
Approval No. 1744
Issued 3/18/03
Installation of a 9.8 MMBTU/hr boiler.
D'Ambra Construction Co., Inc.
Approval No. 1743
Issued 2/24/03
Installation of a baghouse.
Toray Plastics (America), Inc.
North Kingstown
Approval No. 1740-1742
Issued 2/6/03, Last revised 4/21/05
Modification of three polyester film lines to apply coatings.
Kenyon Industries, Inc.
Approval No. 1738-1739
Issued 2/6/03, Last revised 2/21/05
Installation of a fabric coating line and a thermal oxidizer.
St. Mary Academy-Bay View
East Providence
Approval No. 1736-1737
Issued 1/8/03
Installation of two 6.3 MMBTU/hr boilers.