Rhode Island Game Fish Award Program

white haired woman holding a certificate

DEM Division of Fish & Wildlife's Game Fish Award program annually recognizes anglers who have caught freshwater and saltwater game fish of notable size. For a catch to be eligible, an angler must catch a qualifying fish by rod and reel, tie-up, or handline by legal means in Rhode Island waters. To accommodate both 'catch and release' and harvest fishing, the angler can take a photo of the fish using a hand-scale and/or ruler or bring the catch to an official weigh station. The angler must then complete and sign the Game Fish Award Application and submit it via mail to the address on the form or email kimberly.sullivan@dem.ri.gov. Game Fish Awards are mailed out in the spring of the following year. Anglers are eligible for one award per person per year. Awards are issued for each species of game fish caught that meets the minimum size requirements listed below. Both Gamefish Awards and State records measure the fish according to total length (TL) – from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail.

Minimum Size Requirements for Game Fish Award

Qualifying Freshwater Species Length Weight
Smallmouth bass19 inches4 lbs
Largemouth bass22 inches6 lbs
Bluegill9 inches0.5lbs
Pumpkinseed8 inches0.3lbs
Black Crappie12 inches0.9lbs
Yellow perch12 inches0.85
White perch15 inches1.6lbs<
Brown bullhead13 inches0.99lbs
White catfish20 inches4 lbs.
Chain pickerel25 inches4 lbs.
Northern Pike34 inches10 lbs.
Brook trout16 inches2 lbs.
Brown trout19 inches3 lbs.
Rainbow trout20 inches3 lbs.
Landlocked Atlantic Salmon16 inches2 lbs
Common Carp32 inches29 lbs
Qualifying Saltwater Species Length Weight
Striped bass4850 lbs.
Black Sea Bass204 lbs.
Bluefish3214 lbs.
Bonito258 lbs.
Cod38<20 lbs
Winter Flounder163 lbs.
Summer Flounder256 lbs.
King Mackerel193 lbs.
Mackerel151 lbs.
White Marlin7270 lbs.
Pollock3615 lbs.
Scup132 ½ lbs.
Hickory Shad182 lbs.
Blue Shark7280 lbs.
Mako Shark90300 lbs.
Swordfish70170 lbs.
Squeteague (Weakfish)244.5 lbs.
Tautog2310 lbs.
Bluefin Tuna90450 lbs.
Yellowfin Tuna56125 lbs.
False albacore245 lbs.
Spanish mackerel244.5 lbs
Chub mackerel141 lbs.
Haddock3010 lbs.
Cobia4850 lbs.
Grey triggerfish173 lbs.