UST Operator Certification Requirements

    The Underground Storage Tank (UST) program will not be accepting applications for new Class A, B, A/B, or C operator training vendors in 2022 due lack of resources to adequately review and approve vendors due to recent staff departures. We anticipate that the next open enrollment period for vendors will be February, 2023.

    All UST facilities must have CERTIFIED Class A and B operator assigned at all times. All Class A and Class B operators must undergo DEM-approved computer-based training and receive an 80% or higher on a final exam. All Class A and B operators must be certified prior to assuming responsibility for a UST facility.

    What is a Class A Operator?

    Class A operators are individuals who have primary statutory and regulatory responsibility for their facility. They maintain proper recordkeeping, ensure registration fees are paid, and ensure proper operation maintenance of the UST system and are generally the individual(s) who owns the facility. Class A operators are required to be able to be on-site and respond to any emergencies within 4 hours.

    What is a Class B operator?

    Class B operators are responsible for the daily on-site operation and maintenance of a facility. They have a practical understanding of UST components, understand best management practices for UST facilities, are trained in emergency response, and perform monthly inspections of the facility. The Class B operator is typically the manager or other qualified individual responsible for the day to day operation of the facility. Class B operators are expected to respond immediately to any emergencies.

    Operator Certification Training and Exam:

    In order to become a certified operator, you are required to undergo computer-based training and examination to test your knowledge of UST systems, Operations, and Emergency Response. In an effort to simplify the process and give users the most flexibility, the Class A and Class B operator training and exam has been combined into a Class A/B operator program, and you will no longer be required to take separate exams for Class A and Class B operators – both are covered in the Class A/B operator program.

    The training and exam are currently offered by two different vendors listed below, and training and exam must be completed using one of these vendors. Please note that both the training and exam are now required, and you are no longer able to just take the exam.

    Effective March 1st, 2020, DEM terminated our relationship with ICC based on feedback from users, and moving forward, ICC will no longer be offering examinations on behalf of Rhode Island. However, exams administered by ICC on behalf of another State will be accepted for a period of 1 year as outlined in Rule 1.10(U)(11) of the UST Regulations. Certifications received prior to March 1st, 2020 from ICC will still be honored and are valid until their expiration date (e.g., 5 years from the date of the exam). As before, all certifications are valid for 5 years.

    How to Register for Training and Exam:

    DEM currently has two vendors for Class A/B operator training and examination, and you can choose which ever one you prefer. Training and examination may be completed online from anywhere in the world with access to the internet and can be performed at your own pace and at a time of you choosing. If you want, you can also break it up into different sessions, and there is no obligation to complete the training in one sitting. However, please make sure you closely follow the instructions provided by the vendor to ensure you complete the training and exam within the timeframe allowed, otherwise, you may have to re-purchase the training and exam.

    DEM currently has two approved vendors for training and examination:

    ANTEA Training

    ANTEA Training Group
    111 Westport Plaza Drive, 6th Floor
    St. Louis, MO 6314
    Phone: 1-800-477-7411

    Petro Classroom

    Petro Classroom
    9237 Ward Parkway, Suite 220
    Kansas City, MO 64114
    Phone: (844) 303-6752
    Contacts: Patrick Vuchetich or Tammy Fagan

    Both exams offer the same certification and you are free to chose whichever one you want.

    What if I have problems?

    If you encounter any questions about the exam, purchasing, or technical difficulties, please contact the vendor directly at the contact information listed above. Do not contact DEM, as we will not be able to assist you with technical problems with the training or exam. Please note that you need to get an 80% or higher on the final exam to become certified, so read each question closely and make sure you follow and understand all sections of the training!

    What do I do when I pass the exam?

    Upon passing the examination, you must then register as a certified operator with DEM for a specific facility. Please be aware that DEM is not notified of test results, and it is your responsibility to provide DEM with a copy of your certification and identify which facility you will be acting as an operator at. A copy (photocopies are okay) of your certificate and the completed certified operator registration form should be sent to:
    ATTN: Raymond Taylor
    RIDEM Office of Land Revitalization and Sustainable Materials Management
    235 Promenade Street
    Providence RI, 02908

    Operator Certification Reciprocity

    DEM will accept Class A/B operator certification from any New England State for a maximum of 1 year once per facility. After the year has elapsed, the operator must be certified by one of the approved vendors listed above.


    Any other questions pertaining to UST operator certification may be directed to Raymond Taylor 401-222-2797 or