Economic Monitoring Collaborative


In accordance with RIGL §46-31-9, the Environmental Monitoring Collaborative is responsible for "developing and implementing a strategy for an economic monitoring program. The strategy for the economic monitoring program shall include baselines, protocols, guidelines, and quantifiable indicators for assessing the economic health and performance of the water cluster. Economic indicators shall include, but not be limited to, the following aspects where or when appropriate and/or available:

  • Total gross state product originating in the water cluster;
  • Direct and indirect employment in the water cluster; and
  • Public expenditures for infrastructure to support the water cluster. The strategy for said economic monitoring program shall be developed by the economic monitoring collaborative and adopted by the coordination team within six (6) months of passage of this act; and shall be reviewed and updated every four (4) years, and included in the reports described in § 46-31-6(l)

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