Wildlife Solutions: Veggie Vandals

A woodchuck stands on a lawn, plotting his next attack on the neighborhood's veggie gardens...


Location: North Kingstown Free Library OR on Zoom

Registration: https://forms.gle/JkXnHhG4sLYNGXSF9

RABBITS, GROUNDHOGS and DEER: The bane of many gardeners' existence are these three critters. Half-eaten tomatoes and munched on magnolias are enough to drive anyone to their wits' end. While these critters may seem impossible to manage, there are measures you can take to defend your garden. As frustrating as these fuzzy felons may be, they are important to Rhode Island’s ecosystem, acting as valuable natural resources in our state. This session will give you tools to protect your garden and cover the rules and regulations for hunting, trapping on private property and highlight the New England Cottontail Project and Deer Program. This will be a HYBRID program in partnership with the North Kingstown Free Library. Join us in-person at the library or tune in from the comfort of your own home! This program is FREE, but registration is required so that we prepare materials and send Zoom links for those attending online.  

Event Type: All DEM Events Education Opportunities Featured Event Fish & Wildlife Wildlife Outreach

Contact: mary.gannon@dem.ri.gov