Public Comment Hearing re: Rules and Regulations for the Plastic Waste Reduction Act


Location: Room 300, 3rd Floor, 235 Promenade Street, Providence, RI, 02908

Presently there are numerous retail establishments that provide single-use plastics bags to their customers at the point of sale. These bags can become litter and a form of plastic pollution that is dangerous to the health of our oceans and ocean
species, contributes to climate change, and is a major component of unsightly litter both on our lands and in our waters. Plastics that enter the marine environment break down through wave action and sunlight into smaller pieces called microplastics, which can be ingested by marine life, putting Rhode Island’s fishing industries and aquatic ecosystems at risk. Plastic bags and thin plastic films are a common contaminant of recycling loads at the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation Material Recycling Facility. Single-use plastic bags have severe environmental impacts on a local and global scale, including pollution of our waters, harm to marine and wildlife, greenhouse gas emissions, blocking storm drains, and creating litter.

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Visit Rules and Regulations for the Plastic Waste Reduction Act (250-RICR-140-20-5) to read the proposed rule and view additional documentation.

    A public hearing, in accordance with R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-35-2.5, to consider the proposed adoption shall be held at which time and place all persons interested therein will be heard. This hearing is subject to R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 42-46, Open Meetings.

    The seating capacity of the room will be enforced and, therefore, the number of persons participating in the hearing may be limited at any given time by the hearing officer in order to comply with safety and fire codes.

    The place of the public hearing is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If communication assistance (readers/interpreters/captioners) is needed, or any other accommodation to ensure equal participation, please call 401-423-1927 or RI Relay 711 at least three (3) business days prior to the meeting so arrangements can be made to provide such assistance at no cost to the person requesting. For questions regarding available parking, please contact the agency staffperson listed above.

    All interested parties are invited to request additional information or submit written or oral comments concerning the proposed adoption until October 1, 2023 by contacting the appropriate party at the address listed below:

    • David McLaughlin
    • Department of Environmental Management
    • Office of the Director
    • 235 Promenade Street, 4th Floor
    • Providence, RI 02908

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