Archery Proficiency Day (Certification)



Location: Narragansett Bowhunters Club- 1531 Ten Rod Rd, North Kingstown, RI 02852



Archery Proficiency testing is required every two years for bowhunting deer:

  • Anywhere on Prudence Island, Patience Island, and Block Island
    • includes private, state, and federal lands
    • not required for small game archery hunting on private and state lands
  • In Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge and John H. Chafee National Wildlife Refuge
    • small game archery hunting is permitted, but also requires archery proficiency testing 
  • In Beavertail State Park, the town co-op properties in Bristol, and anywhere in the town of Lincoln
    • no small game archery hunting

Testing Requirements:

Picture ID will be required for all adult participants.

The test consists of five shots at 20 yards. Three of five arrows must strike the vital area of a life size, two-dimensional deer silhouette target. It is advised that archers are able to consistently group shots within an 8" diameter circle before testing. No practice shots before testing.

Participants may shoot standing, kneeling, or sitting. Crossbow shooters may brace against the body, if desired. Shooting rests, such as monopod or bipod shooting sticks, are not permitted.

The participant must provide five arrows or bolts equipped with broadheads. Participants can NOT reuse the same arrow(s). The test is over once the participant approaches the target to review score and retrieve arrows/bolts.

Broadheads must have a minimum of two cutting edges 7/8" or greater at the widest point and may be fixed-blade or mechanical. Broadheads do not need to be a matched set or sharpened.

Manufacturer-provided practice broadheads are acceptable. Field, bullet, judo, or any point not physically identical to those legal for deer hunting are not acceptable.

Broadheads must be covered in a quiver while being transported attached to arrows and bolts, or brought to the range unassembled.

Bows must register a draw weight of at least 40 pounds if using fixed-blade broadheads and 50 pounds if using mechanical broadheads. The test proctor may require participants verify draw weight with a handheld tester. Crossbows do not need to be measured unless there is reasonable suspicion that it does not meet the 125 pound draw requirement.

Only ONE attempt is allowed per 24-hour day. If a participant fails twice within 48 hours, a 5-day waiting period will be enforced before the next attempt.

Check the current RI Hunting Abstract for a complete listing of all locations in Rhode Island that require the archery proficiency certification for bowhunting.

Event Type: All DEM Events Fish & Wildlife Hunter Education

Contact: Lead Instructor: Ed. Klosowski 401-742-2036