Educational Resources

General Environmental Education Material

Excellence in Environmental Education Guidelines for Learning (K-12) provides students, parents, educators, home-schoolers, policy makers, and the public a set of common, voluntary guidelines for environmental education.

Awesome Library organizes the Web with 19,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.

Rhode Island Environmental Education Association (RIEEA) is a collaborative network of educators, students, advocates, and organizations working to promote environmental education in both formal & nonformal settings. Visit website

Teacher Professional Development

DEM Division of Fish & Wildlife offers free wildlife curriculum kits and learning resources for formal and informal K-8 educators through our Rhody Critter Kits Program. Each kit contains resources curated by our Wildlife Outreach staff, with special emphasis on Rhode Island’s wildlife species, conservation work, and management practices. Visit

This Institute For Wetland & Environmental Education and Research website provide short courses for environmental professionals.

The DEM - Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Resource Education Program (A.R.E.) provides free hands-on training and workshops for children and adults in freshwater and marine ecology. The A.R.E. Program is the ONLY state sponsor for the nationally acclaimed workshops for educators - Project WILD, Project WILD Aquatic, and Project WET.

Air Issues

The Bigchalk website provides lesson plans for stratospheric ozone.

This University of California - Berkeley website provides webtools for graphing stratospheric ozone levels.

This site is a resource for Rhode Island middle and high-school students and teachers containing exercises, links and information on the issues of greenhouse gases and climate change - in Rhode Island and the whole of the Earth.

Water Related Issues

Adopt-A-Watershed is a K-12 school-community learning experience. Adopt-A-Watershed uses a local watershed as a living laboratory in which students engage in hands-on activities, making science applicable and relevant to their lives. It weaves education with the community developing collaborative partnerships and reinforcing learning through community service. 

Ducks Unlimited provides free resource materials on Wetlands Education to assist educators in meeting curriculum requirements in the life sciences.

DEM - Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Resource Education Program (A.R.E.) provides free hands-on training and workshops for children and adults in freshwater and marine ecology. The A.R.E. Program is the ONLY state sponsor for the nationally acclaimed workshops for educators - Project WILD, Project WILD Aquatic, and Project WET.

The Water Education Foundation offers a variety of programs to teach students in elementary and secondary programs about one of the most critical issues - water. The programs teach students about the history, geography and science of water.


The Sustainability Education Center was created in response to the growing need for educational materials, professional development and community education focused on sustainability. The Center explores the relationships between economic systems, ecological systems, and justice in contexts ranging from local communities to global institutions.

General Environmental Education Information

The Bigchalk website provides a wealth of information on all subject matters. It is geared to all levels of students from grades 1-12.

National Park Trust's After School Activities. Whether your student is going back into the classroom or continuing with remote learning, these hands-on activities will keep them entertained when the school day is over.

Elementary School

This is an US Environmental Protection Agency website for kids interested in environmental issues like air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas etc.

The Bigchalk website provides the student homework help on a number of subjects including science.

This US Environmental Protection Agency website includes curricula on various environmental issues for grades K-12.

This website provides the viewer a tropical birds coloring book.

This website talks about global warming.

Secrets @ Sea is a curriculum-based adventure story for grade 4-7 students This engaging website game complements ocean-theme units of study in the classroom and enhances students learning experiences using the Internet.

This National Geographic website provides a lot of links to site that kids will enjoy. There is lots of information about sharks and animals of the world.


The DEM - Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Resource Education Program (A.R.E.) provides free hands-on training and workshops for children and adults in freshwater and marine ecology. Learn about aquatic insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish, clams, sea worms, marine creatures from the Bay; learn to fish, handle a small boat, fly-tying, the list goes on and on.

Middle School

The Bigchalk website provides the student with information on science topics and is set up to help you on homework projects.

This site is a resource for Rhode Island middle and high-school students and teachers containing exercises, links and information on the issues of greenhouse gases and climate change - in Rhode Island and the whole of the Earth.

Environmental Publications

Conservation Ecologyis an electronic, peer-reviewed, scientific journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research.

The Endangered Species UPDATE, published by the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, is the leading forum for information on scientific and political aspects of current threatened and endangered species protection efforts.

US Environmental Protection Agency's list of publications on indoor air quality.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission's publications on indoor air quality.

Marine Fisheries Reviewis a publication on fisheries issues that is published by U.S. Dept. of Commerce / NOAA / NMFS Scientific Publications Office. Articles are available from 1998.


Acid Rain

This website has links to national historical acid rain data that is collected in both the wet and dry deposition modes.

American Lung Association

On-line data and reports on acid rain, atmospheric deposition and precipitation chemistry. The US Geologic Service is the lead federal agency for the monitoring of wet atmospheric deposition (chemical constituents deposited from the atmosphere via rain, sleet and snow) in the United States.

This US Geologic Service website is a primer on Acid Rain.



Air Pollution

This is the website of the Northeastern States for Coordinated Air Use Management and the site features detailed reports about air pollution topics like Ozone, Controlling NOx Emissions and vehicle pollution.

This is the website for the STAPPA and ALAPCO organizations of the state and local air pollution professionals in the United States. This website has a glossary of air pollution terms and links to other similar worldwide organizations.

This is a US Environmental Protection Agency website about air pollution emissions.


This is a website supported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor. The site contains many links to sites that explain the health impacts of asbestos along how to recognize asbestos in the home.

Boating Safety

Boating Safety Coloring Book for kids.


This is a website supported by the National Geographic Society that deals with conservation issues such as climate change, oceans, energy, fresh water etc.

This forest conservation portal links to over 1000 forest conservation sites.

Bat Conservation International (BCI), based in Austin, Texas, is devoted to conservation, education, and research initiatives involving bats and the ecosystems they serve.

The Center for Plant Conservation website describes its efforts is to conserve and restore the rare native plants of the United States.


The Nature Conservancy uses a science-based approach to achieve lasting conservation results.

Drinking Water Quality

US Environmental Protection Agency's website for determining the quality of water in Rhode Island.

This is the website that summarizes the US Environmental Protection Agency's drinking water standards.

This is the US Geological Service website that has many links concerning drinking water quality issues.

Endangered Species

This website has many links to resources about endangered species.

This is a list of rare native plants in Rhode Island.

This is the website of the US Fish & Wildlife Service who administers the federal Endangered Species Program.

This is a list of rare native animals in Rhode Island.

Environmental Training & Careers

Public Health Career Guide explores different specialties within the scope of public health, including environmental sciences, to help students identify and pursue their dream career.

Learn about Becoming a Nuisance Wildlife Control Specialist in Rhode Island

Energy Efficiency

This website has many links to resources about energy efficiency.

consumer guide to buying energy efficient home appliances.

The Department of Energy's website that has access to over 600 links and 80,000 documents on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

This website of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology explores renewable energy technology and provides information on bioenergy, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar and hydrogen energy sources.


This website describes the location of forests of the world by country.

This is a forestry library compiled by the University of Minnesota that has many links to forestry topics like tropical and urban forestry, forestry associations governmental agencies etc.

resource website for many forestry issues.

Global Warming & Greenhouse Gases

This Brown University website is a resource for Rhode Island middle and high-school students and teachers containing exercises, links and information on the issues of greenhouse gases and climate change - in Rhode Island and the whole of the Earth.

This DEM fact sheet describes ways for citizens to do what they can to reduce global warming.

This website reviews scientific data and provides the reader with a wealth of information on global warming.

Hazardous Waste

This Rhode Island site explains the process and opportunities that are available in cleaning up "Brownfields" sites.

Indoor Air Quality

This is US Environmental Protection Agency's extensive index of links, news, services, and resources relating to air pollution in homes, offices, and schools. In this link click on the button that says Indoor Air Quality and view information that deals with the pollutants that can cause indoor air quality problems.

This is the US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration's website on indoor air quality.


This Center for Disease Control website has a lot of information on lead poisoning and blood lead levels in children.

Marine Fisheries

This is the RI DEM website for marine fisheries issues.

This is the National Marine Fisheries Service website that has information concerning aquaculture, commercial fisheries, endangered species, marine mammals, recreational fisheries, strandings and many more topics.

DEM - Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Resource Education Program (A.R.E.) provides free hands-on training and workshops for children and adults in freshwater and marine ecology. The A.R.E. Program is the ONLY state sponsor for the nationally acclaimed workshops for educators - Project WILD, Project WILD Aquatic, and Project WET.


This is the Center for Disease Control website for information about human exposure to mercury.

The Mercury Policy Project (MPP) website explains policies to eliminate mercury uses and significantly reduce mercury exposures at the local, national, and international levels.

The site provides the information resources available concerning the control of mercury. This website is designed to help the northeastern states achieve their "virtual elimination" goal for mercury by focusing on efforts to reduce or eliminate mercury from the waste stream.


The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse is a national non-profit organization with extensive online noise related resources.

This website developed by Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S is a technical primer on the issue of noise.


The Ocean Planet Exhibition is a presentation of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History and explores many issues concerning the ocean's role on the earth.

This website has information about the water cycle, life in the ocean and many links to sites that deal with ocean issues.

This is the US Environmental Protection Agency's Ocean and Coastal Protection website and has information on invasive species, marine debris, marine pollution control program and dredge material management.

website from that provides a lot of information about the oceans. This site is geared to an early learner's perspective.


This website is sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the National Integrated Pest Management Network and has links to may state and federal organizations that deal with integrated pest management.

This is a privately sponsored (Benbrook Consulting Serviceswebsite on integrated pest management.

This is the US Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide programs website.

US National Library of Medicine website on pesticides. It has many links to health related topics concerning pesticides.

Pollution Prevention

This is the RI Department of Environmental Management's website on Pollution Prevention and has general information on case studies on the topic.

This website provides general information about P2 practices, describes the array of P2 programs and initiatives administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency and other organizations, and provides contacts for further information.

The Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange is a national network of regional centers dedicated to improving the dissemination of pollution prevention information in the service provider community.

Rain Forests

Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon through online games and activities.

General information and resources concerning rain forests.

Toxics in Schools

SAFECHEMRI will provide an electronic forum where DEM and other government agencies can provide information of workshops and resources pertaining to chemical safety. It will also act as vehicle where science educators and CHOs can post questions concerning these issues. If you are interested in subscribing to SAFECHEMRI please forward your name and e-mail address to Peter McLaren at

This Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment website provides helpful guidance for managing chemicals in the school environment.

This is the revamped US Environmental Protection Agency website that will provide information and resources to reduce or eliminate the use of mercury in schools.

This Ohio Department of Education website provides information on how to develop a program to improve safety in schools by removing hazardous chemicals and disposing of them properly.

This Barnstable County, Massachusetts website provides information for assessing and managing chemical hazards in schools.


This RI Department of Environmental Management website has links to state Watersheds Map, the Sustainable Watersheds Office and other watershed related topics.

This is the US Environmental Protection Agency's website on watersheds that explains the concept and also has links to other watershed websites.

Water Quality

This is the RI Department of Environmental Management's website on water quality issues that includes information on surface water quality, restoration efforts, and groundwater and well head protection.


This RI DEM website provides general information about wetlands types and their role in our environment.

Selected Wetlands References

This University of Rhode Island website provides information on the characteristics of vernal pools, how to identify vernal pools, and the species associated with vernal pools.

This Association of Wetlands Managers website provides information on wetland functions and values, regulations, breaking news, and more.


This is the US Environmental Protection Agency's website for wetlands issues.

Selected Vernal Pool References