UST Commissioners

Victor Allienello - Oil Heat Institute

Victor Allienello is the President of East Providence Fuel Oil.

Paul Beaudette - Environmental Council of RI

Paul Beaudette is a retired teacher from the Cranston School system where he taught for 30 years. He has been active in environmental issues and has served on several boards for over 20 years, including Save The Bay and the executive committee for the Environmental Council of Rhode Island, where he is the National Wildlife Federation's state delegate.

Lenette Boisselle - Petroleum Institute

Charles DeBlois

Albert Conti - Marine Trade Association

Terrence Gray - Department of Environmental Management

Terrence Gray is the Assistant Director for Air, Waste and Compliance at the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management. In that position, he oversees the Offices of Air Resources, Waste Management, Compliance and Inspection and Technical & Customer Assistance. Mr. Gray’s prior position with DEM was Chief of the Office of Waste Management, where he directed the establishment of the State clean-up program, the Brownfields program and the Voluntary Clean Up program, as well as all aspects of Rhode Island’s participation in the Superfund program. Mr. Gray is a registered professional engineer in Rhode Island.

Arthur Hurley

Art Hurley has been an employee of Drake Petroleum for almost twenty-five years. He is the manager for reimbursement for Drake Petroleum as well as compliance requirements satisfaction. This puts him in a position of expertise in requirements for compliance and the work practicality of the requirements. Mr. Hurley works on the town of Burriville's Budget Board as well as other public benefit organizations.

Jon Bender