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Fresh seafood is one of the many perks of life in the Ocean State, and the people and businesses who fish, catch, farm, process, deliver, sell, cook, and serve it are an integral part of the state's economy. Every time you choose RI Seafood you're supporting thousands of Rhode Islanders.

The resources below can connect you with local seafood dealers and wholesellers. By buying local RI seafood, you are stimulating our state's economy, supporting local fishermen and aquaculture operations, and eating a delicious, healthy, and sustainable food source.

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Look for and ask for RI Seafood caught by commercial fishermen, as well as seafood grown in Rhode Island waters by commercial farmers.

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Monthly Landing Projections

Below is a monthly projection of available RI Seafood species. View last week's landings.

June 2022 Projections  

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The RI Seafood brand uniquely identifies Rhode Island seafood in the marketplace. It signifys that the seafood is fresh, local and landed in the Ocean State. You'll find RI Seafood products in grocery stores and restaurants and at festivals and farmers' markets. Ask for it where you dine or shop!

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What's Local?

A wide range of seafood is landed in Rhode Island. Take a look at catch and landing information from last week. Chances are you'll find the below species at your local market and retailer. Learn more

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Find Fresh, Local Seafood

fishline appLooking to buy RI Seafood directly from commerical fishers? There's an app for that! Download the FISHLINE APP and search for fresh, RI seafood available to buy from local fishermen with direct seller licenses. Try it today!